Making Cold Processed Soap


We have not been making soap for years and years, but we can confess to having read, studied and researched for over two years before we ever stirred up our first pot of goats milk and lye!  We generally make our soap batches as a team~both of us measuring out the ingredients, Teri donning gloves and goggles to mix the liquid with the lye, all while Kori is melting the oils, herbs and butters.  We take turns doing the mixing as this is both pretty fun and pretty quirky–you just never know how long it is going to take for the combined mixture to get to what is known as “trace”–the point when it becomes a thick-ish pudding consistency ready to pour out into molds.


Once all the components come together in the thick “trace” it is time to pour the soap into molds.  This is where we sometimes get a little harried as, depending on how quickly the soap has thickened, it can be either easy or challenging to maneuver the goopy soap-to-be into waiting molds.  Sometimes, we use tidy, adorable molds and other times, we use boxes lined with parchment paper (my favorite) and then cut the soap into bars once it has cooled to the right softish hardness.  We have different ideas about how rustic or tidy a bar of soap needs to be, but we both agree that it should be made with the most nourishing, organic ingredients available!

 ImageYou can find our current offerings of Raggedy Hen Farm soap  here…


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