Stewards or Students?

Stewards or Students?

Yesterday, a coworker asked me if Teri and I see ourselves as “stewards” of the critters, plants and colonies of living things growing here at Raggedy Hen Farm. I had to think about it a minute to realize that isn’t exactly the word I would use to describe our relationship. In my mind, the bees, chickens and other critters that call our little plot of earth home (or consider it a place to stop off for a visit, drink, or bite to eat) don’t really need us to take care of them. They know better than us how to be bees, chickens and critters. We are fortunate to be the students–learning how to plant food and habitat they need; make choices to improve the soil and do good instead of harm. Naw, I don’t really feel like a steward, they are the ones taking care of us!


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