Madder than a Wet Hen?


Our fearless leader, Trudy, a white Jersey Giant, seems determined to get in her free range time, despite thundershowers and rain.


The rain really makes our Rhode Island Red, Jolene’s, feather coloring obvious. She is one of our mellow hens.


Taking time out from playing in the rain to lay an egg, Hilda, a Buff Orpington, settles in the nest box.


Trudy has a tendency to look a bit unkempt on most days, but her muddy, rain-day backside doesn’t seem to slow her down one bit!

Well, only if “madder” in this case means a bit kooky!  We’re known for our rain here in the Pacific Northwest and while we provide plenty of dry spaces for the “girls” to keep out of the rain, we think they are native Oregonians when it comes to not letting a rainstorm keep them down.  Yesterday found them foraging, scratching and going about their business despite thunder, lightening and a steady downfall of rain.  We finally had to run them into the coop and hen house to dry out even though their scraggy dampness was bugging us more that it seemed to be bothering them!



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