With a Little Help from our Friends~Bartering for Goats Milk


You may have noticed that we don’t actually have a goat here at Raggedy Hen Farm, and  yet we use plenty of goats milk in our hand crafted soaps.  We are fortunate to be able to get all the goats milk we can drink, bake with and use for those soaps from a friend with whom we trade produce for fresh milk!

A former coworker of Kori’s raises Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats on a farm just outside of town.  Since she works in town several days a week, we are able to do a swap–we share produce from our garden (and generally throw in some of our preserved food too for fun) and she brings us just-milked-that-morning goats milk–the creamiest, most delicious milk we’ve ever tasted (and from spoiled, happy goats too!)

The day may come when we have the time and space to devote to a few dairy goats of our own, but for now, it is a win-win collaboration of goodies.


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