Harvest Time


The fence provides a nice “highway” between snacks for our neighborhood squirrels.


This squirrel is checking me out as much as I am checking him or her out! Wondering if it is safe to carry on…


Skillfully balancing on a sunflower stalk and slipping out to where the big sunflower heads are.


Almost…bouncing in the breeze on some big leaves.


Ah ha! At last this squirrel can snack on the sunflower seeds. The squirrels have been quite busy having their way with these drying sunflowers!

We are not the only ones working hard in the garden to get all the vegetables harvested–this squirrel spent a good portion of the day eating sunflowers and hauling some of them back to little storage bunkers around the neighborhood.  We have already harvested some of the prime seed heads of favorite sunflowers for ourselves–saving the seeds to grow next year.  Like most things in the garden, there is plenty to share!


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