Queens of the Hill

WP_20130926_002Chickens are curious creatures.  We’ve discovered that sometimes just moving things around makes them seem brand new to our girls.  If there is a bit of a challenge, then all the better, as they seem to prefer going after things that are fenced off or tucked away.  Recently, as we were cleaning up garden beds–trimming tomato vines, pulling weeds, etc.–we found that a wheelbarrow full of vegetation headed for the compost held quite the fascination for the hens.  They just knew there had to be morsels in there we were hiding from them! (On top of the pile are our two oldest and bossiest hens–Hilda (for whom we named Hilda’s Herbal Tea blend; and Trudy, our decidedly un-graceful Jersey Giant. The Barred Plymouth Rock, Marilla, and the Rhode Island Red, Jolene, seem to be waiting their turn.)


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