October Skies


What’s October look like where you live?  In the temperate Pacific Northwest, we are as likely to have rain and grey as anything and that is exactly what the last couple weeks have been.  Oh, we’ll see some sun, and some fog, and some dry, overcast days in the next few months, but we’ll also see plenty of rain and mud.  It’s starting to get a little sloshy walking out to the chicken coop in the mornings, and the hens spend a fair amount of time taking shelter under trees, the umbrella and tucked in under the lid of the 2-section compost bin looking out at the falling sheets of rain. There are still loads of green tomatoes on the vines, but many of them are starting to split in the deluge.  The garden is definitely not done and we haven’t even begun to harvest persimmons, but there can be absolutely no denying that Summer is gone for good…


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