Garden Helpers


Pruning the raspberry canes meant there were dried and unharvested unripe raspberries left on the canes. The chickens wasted no time in gobbling up the berry bits.

WP_20131005_005 (1)

Mmmmm…these raspberry snippets are tasty!


These tall kale plants have plenty for humans and chickens. The chickens have eaten the bottom and it is fun watching them try to leap up for bites. We harvest ours from the very top!

Taking advantage of a sunny October day to take care of some garden chores, we found we had plenty of helpers!  Since the hens can now free range again for the better part of the day (since most of the garden is done for the year and we’ve fenced off the beds we use for Winter vegetables), they know that sticking close to us means getting all sorts of treats and treasures! While having the chickens under foot and tearing things up in the busy growing season makes us cranky, they are actually great garden helpers in the Fall.  They till up the ground and keep the weeds down, eat the slugs and bugs, and add lots of fertilizer to the beds!


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