Getting Gifty


This charming package is going to a newly married couple as a wedding gift! Jams, tea, cookie mix, soaps and more…

A few years ago, Kori decided that she didn’t want or need any more “stuff.”  She started sharing with folks that if they wanted to get her a gift for some occasion, could they please consider a “consumable” gift–something she could use or eat?  Gifts like soaps, seeds to plant in the garden, bottles of wine, cookies, home-grown fruit, and other useful treasures started coming her way and  she was delighted.  The less packaging and wrapping the better!

We know we’re not alone in rethinking gift giving and looking for gifts that are personal, special and NOT over-packaged.  We’ve been getting ready for the gift-giving season around here at Raggedy Hen Farm too and working hard to create beautiful packaging that is also environmentally friendly. We want our wonderful friends and customers to know that their gifts will not only be personally and individually packaged, but they will also create no impact on the landfill.

Our gift sets and packaging:

Everything we use is recyclable or re-useable.  Gift sets are packaged in red cardboard boxes that can easily be reused or recycled.  We use crinkle cut kraft paper for the filling and this can also be reused or tossed into the compost pile to decompose (it is great for feeding worms too!).  We enclose everything in real cellophane. This is made from natural cellulose that comes from wood. Cellophane is a natural product and is 100% compostable with nearly zero environmental impact.  We tie everything up with lovely ribbon and include a hand-written gift card.

We will happily wrap and send your gifts–either as one of our gift sets, or a custom order created just for your recipients. As you plan for holiday gift-giving, consider sending delicious comfort foods or handcrafted, all-natural soaps as alternatives to department store purchases.  We may not be as big or flashy as the larger companies, but we will pack each and every gift with care, thoughtfulness and the personal touch!

If you’d like one of our paper catalogs, we will happily send one out to you.  You can request a catalog on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or want to arrange a special order:



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