Toby’s Time of Year


Our sassy cat, Toby, thinks the gravestone makes a wonderful back scratcher!

Yowling, prowling, growling cat
Why do you switch your tail like that?
Why do your eyes flash gold and green?
Could be–must be–Halloween!

Slinky, inky, blinky cat,
Why do you arch your back like that?
What scary creatures have you seen?
Could be–must be- Halloween!


Toby is a bit of a famous character in our neighborhood. At six years old, this sleek-furred black and white tuxedo cat is still rather small. He has a swaggery way of walking and is afraid of nothing and no one. He’s managed to make friends with all the neighbors and, despite his tendency toward mischief, he is quite beloved.

Thanks to for the Halloween Poem!


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