So Many Soaps…(And Now 15% Off)


We currently have TEN different kinds of soap available–all created in small batches here at Raggedy Hen Farm from the best natural ingredients we could gather.  We’ve decided to offer them at a 15% discount for the remainder of the month of October.  Whether made from goats milk or herbal teas, all our soaps have wonderful organic oils such as coconut, olive, sunflower, and almond, and we love including luxurious elements like shea, cocoa and mango butters; organic beeswax, and organic essential oils. Not to mention the extra botanicals we toss in there like poppyseeds, flaked coconut and calendula flowers for exfoliation and rejuvenation.  We only use natural ingredients for colorants and scent and there is nothing artificial or detergent-y about our soaps! Our current “flavors” of soaps…

  • Basic Goats Milk (unscented)
  • Coconut, Lime and Cornflower (goats milk)
  • Forest Pine
  • Oatmeal Lemongrass (goats milk)
  • Spearmint
  • Turmeric Olive Oil
  •  Patchouli Poppyseed with Coconut (goats milk)
  • Lavender Calendula (goats milk)
  • Orange, Clove & Coconut (goats milk)
  • Oatmeal Spice with Comfrey

Since we handcraft these in small batches, we don’t have an unlimited supply and we encourage folks to stock up on their favorite versions~especially at these prices.  While we will likely make more of the most popular ones, we also enjoy experimenting and creating new combinations.  You can find all of our artisanal soaps in the Raggedy Hen Farm store.


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