Pre-Season Purge…on the Homefront


Everything possible has been frozen, canned, dried, and preserved from the garden.  We’ve added compost to all the beds and, as the leaves fall, we are raking them up and adding them to either the garden beds, the chicken run or the compost piles.  The time has come to turn our attentions to the INSIDE as the house has been a bit neglected during the “growing” months!

We have already rearranged the furniture into our cozy wintry configurations, but it is time to give the kitchen a good going-over.  The canning equipment and food dehydrator can be stored in the garage.  We might actually be able to sit and eat at our dining table once again after we clean off the soap molds and colanders. As most of you know, our house is not very big and we try to take advantage of every bit of space to make it as comfortable and useful as possible.  In other words, our counters, shelves and tables are not just for looks!

From now until Christmas, we will be baking, cooking and entertaining so our kitchen has to go from preserving mode to holiday mode and THAT is going to take a good day’s worth of purging and cleaning!


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