Shop Small…

Shop Small...

We understand how impossible it is to buy everything from small businesses. Like you, we aren’t made out of money and we depend on our favorite department stores, supermarket, and large “box” stores to help us stretch our income as economically as possible. But, we also believe in small business people and think it is important to encourage and support them whenever possible. While local is nice, we tend to see things on a bigger scale and know there are many, many small business folks who depend on attracting customers from all over. So, if you’re going to be using the internet and mail order for gifts, why not shop small? Chances are, they will be able to get your packages on their way with a quick turnaround, customize your order, and give you the personalized service you’re craving. Whether it is jam for your Thanksgiving table, a wreath for your front door, or gifts for all your lovelies, we encourage you to “think small” for at least a portion of your holiday season purchases. We, and all the hard-working Raggedy Hens, appreciate it!


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