The Molt Begins


Our big ‘ole Jersey Giant, Trudy, is the first of our hens to go into a molt this Fall.  We’re starting to see her sad, white feathers all over the coop and run.  For her, this means a break from egg-laying while her body sheds the feathers she worked so hard to grow last year and her body makes fresh, new lovely ones.  Truth be told, we think she deserves a little time off and we’re looking forward to seeing how gorgeous she looks when she comes out of the molt.  She’s gotten a bit scraggy looking, but it will get worse before it gets better! Trudy took several months to mature and didn’t lay her first egg until she was 11 months old!  That’s pretty late, since most pullets start laying around 5-6 months of age.  Once she started laying, however, she’s been an incredibly steady layer of 5-6 extra large eggs a week so, we figure she’s definitely earned a bit of a respite at the molting spa!


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