Holiday Soap Upgrade


The problem with those adorable little holiday gift soaps is twofold–first, it is generally made out of all sorts of chemicals, detergents and colorants that doesn’t exactly make our skin happy and secondly, it is tough to use it all up before the season is over and then, well, then it just looks out of place on the sink edge.  It was Teri’s idea that we create some lovely holiday soaps--Raggedy Hen Farm-style. Molded to celebrate the beautiful evergreen tree, these spicy soaps are made of the same ingredients we use for our every day soaps: organic virgin coconut oil and olive oil, just the right touch of essential oils and a base of comfrey tea from comfrey we’ve grown in our garden. We’ve even added some organic oatmeal. These will look wonderful for the holiday season, but better yet, they are soothing, natural soaps you can use year-round.  We are tucking them into lovely green bags (just in case you’d like to share them as a gift.)  We’ve only made a limited number of these celebratory soap so, alas, when they’re gone, we probably won’t have more until next year!  You can find them with our other soaps in the Raggedy Hen Farm store.


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