Trudy Update

DSCN8070If you’ve never seen a molting chicken, the site can be quite shocking.  You might think the poor thing has gotten into a tussle or has some dreadful illness.  In fact, molting is a perfect healthy process for every bird and chickens are birds, after all!  Our Jersey Giant, Gertrude Stein, (more commonly known as Trudy) is actually molting quite quickly.  She’s starting to get fresh tail feathers and you can see the new “pins” of her shoulder/wing feathers in this photo. The feathers are lost and regrown over time, so we’ve yet to see a chicken who’s lost all her feathers at once. This time of year, we find feathers all over the yard, but they compost easily (all that protein is great in the compost.) In another month or so, Trudy should be all sassy with her shiny, new fluffy suit of feathers!  Meanwhile, she actually seems to be enjoying her time on hiatus from laying.


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