Winter Hens

Winter Hens

With the temperatures in the low twenties overnight and clear, cold days, you’d think the girls would be huddling piles of feathers. That is definitely not the case. Like all birds, chickens have those downy feathers to keep them warm. At night, they do all nudge up together in their toasty, dry hen house, but during the day, they have been following the sun as it warms the ground. Their favorite spot is along a south facing fence where they search for bugs among the raspberries, blueberries and currant bushes and take their dustbaths as soon as the ground thaws. We are only getting about 1 egg a day now and Hilda has started to molt. No eggs yet from those 25-week-old young ones, but the days are short and cold, so they have an excuse!

Meanwhile, we think of this time of the year as their “vacation”–they get to free range all day, go to bed early, and take a break from the egg-laying.


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