Deep Bed Method and Compost

Deep Bed Method and Compost

One of the advantages of keeping chickens is all the wonderful fertilizer and compost. With a little planning, it doesn’t take much work, but there is a little science involved. We use the Deep Bed or Deep Bedding method in our hen house and run. We add layers of straw, mulch, wood shavings, and dry leaves periodically and rake or turn with a pitchfork periodically as well. A couple times a year, (Spring and Fall) we muck all the great compost out and start the process again. The hens keep things stirred up with their scratching and the combination of the dry layers, chicken droppings, and other waste all makes for a nicely activated decomposition process. During the Winter, another bonus is that this process generates heat that helps keep the chickens warm! As Teri would say, it’s a win win!


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