Winter Chores

Winter Chores

One of the benefits of living in an urban area is that we can take advantage of our city’s leaf recycling program. As the city workers are picking up fallen and raked leaves all over town, these are then made available to folks who’d like to use them. We had a load dumped in our driveway last week! The driver chuckled as we are probably the sixth house on our street to have leaves delivered this season, so this program is not exactly a secret.

Our pile is a combination of all sorts of leaves, some of which are already decomposing with the help of some very fat worms. As we load these into the wheelbarrow to distribute as mulch, use for garden paths, and pile to let compost, we do have to sort through to remove branches, bits of trash and paper, and other items we don’t want in our garden–but these are not abundant.

Meanwhile, it provides for some good Winter exercise and our chickens are having so much fun scratching through the gobs and gobs of leaves for tasty treats. It has turned out to be quite the playground for them!


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