Winter Projects


As we prepare for another “growing” year at Raggedy Hen Farm, we have a few projects on our list to tend to. On the horizon for this Spring: another hen house, possibly another top bar bee hive, and some cold frames for our soon-to-be-seedlings. Before purchasing new materials, we try to recycle or upcycle whenever possible and this usually means a trip to a nearby local treasure BRING Recycling!

Yesterday I had “cold frames” on my mind as I headed out dressed in my trusty down vest, scarf and fleece hat for an hour of perusing all the lumber, fixtures, pieces, parts, and containers. I had an idea of what I was looking for, but remained open to inspiration.  After picking up, turning over, and measuring, I came home with three thick wooden drawers and three glass windows that fit perfectly over the top:


These should work nicely to put seedlings and plants in as we harden them off for outdoor life–serving as mini-greenhouses. The glass can also be used to provide a little extra warmth when tented over plants once they are in the ground, if need be. Someday, we hope to build a big greenhouse, but these should work just fine for now.  And, the price was right! Each glass window cost $3 and each drawer cost $2, so the entire project only set us back $15 and we used existing materials. The icing on the cake is BRING is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, providing community jobs and keeping all sorts of “treasures” out of the landfill.


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