In the Chicken Yard


Our Dominique, Mavis, is the most curious of all the girls. She will generally come rushing up at us to see what we’re up to and Dottie, the Silver Laced Wyandotte is usually right behind her. Of course, the crabby alpha hen, Hilda (the Buff Orpington) doesn’t let anything happen in the chicken yard without her keeping a watchful and distrustful eye on things!

When we last shared an update on our little flock of urban chickens, we shared that we lost our Rhode Island Red, Jolene. She died of unknown causes a few weeks ago.  While things are always shifting and changing in the typical flock of chickens, our girls seem to be getting used to this new version of six. The weather has been cold and wintry and we still have two that molting and no one is laying any eggs, but life is generally drama free right now!

The hens get to free range full time during the winter and since we’ve been adding a lot of compost and leaves to the garden beds, they have been busy, busy, busy scratching around, flinging leaves all over, and searching for edible morsels.


Hilda and Trudy are “helping” spread leaves among the garden beds.

We are keeping an eye on all six of them to make sure that they are doing fine in the cold weather, feathering out, and crossing our fingers that it is not much longer before the eggs start coming again.  Meanwhile, the girls are definitely earning their keep tilling the garden and keeping the pests at bay!


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