And Then There Were Ten


The incubation adventure continues as we turn the eggs 3-5 times a day, making sure that they do not spend the night on the same side two nights in a row. We mark some important data on a spreadsheet each time we turn the eggs: the room temperature, the incubator temperature, the time we turn, whether or not we add water, and any comments about the eggs themselves. On day 2, egg #2 had a crack, so we removed that one.  Once and egg is cracked, bacteria gets inside (and the temperature can no longer be regulated) and the embryo, if it was developing, will die, so there is no point in leaving it in the incubator. We are not sure how the crack happened, but it is an expected reality of a risky venture.

Meanwhile, we just keep carefully turning and monitoring the temperature and humidity.  We have no way of knowing what is going on inside the eggs and they look exactly the same as they did the day we set them in the incubator. We can only hope that all is going well (while preparing ourselves for whatever the outcome might be.) We are getting anxious for day 7, when we get to candle the egglets and see if we can determine how well they are developing! Stay tuned…



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