All Around the Farm

We may still be trying to shake off the memories of recent winter storms, but the critters, the fruit trees, and every other living thing in our corner of the world are all confidently  marching toward spring. The currant bush will be blooming this week, things are getting busy in the henhouse, and the crocus and daffodils are starting to bloom too!  We even noticed the rhurbarb starting to send stubby green “leaf balls” up into the mulch that has been keeping the plants cozy for the past few months. We thought we might share a few photos of how things are looking around here…


The girls are all in full plumage and their combs and wattles are red. They are sassy and chatty too as they squabble over nest boxes and waddle about searching for grubs, worms and dry spots to bathe. Here, they are enjoying some strawberries we froze last summer.


While the hens were out free ranging, our cat, Toby, found a warm, dry spot for an afternoon nap…the chicken run!


Here’s the sassiest one of our Dominiques–Mavis–with her gorgeous spring finery. Her rose comb has finally filled out and now that she’s laying, she’s quite the force! She’s always the first one to run up to us when we come outside and has even taken to leaping up to try to get treats right out of our hands!


Meanwhile, under grow lights, the seedlings are thriving. These Cubanelle Sweet Peppers are the most gorgeous color of shiny green.


After about three weeks under grow lights, these heirloom tomatoes are coming right along. Several times a day, we lightly brush over them with our hands to simulate the wind so they will grow sturdy and stocky–and not get wispy and leggy.


Early morning sun is starting to melt the frost on this artichoke–new leaves peaking up through the mulch.


A couple weeks ago, these branches were encased in ice–and now the buds are plumping right up!


The ultimate promise of sunnier days and warmer temperatures–the early spring crocus!

Yay for the reawakening!


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