Zone 8 Update


Things are greening up around here and there can be no ignoring the signs of spring. Whether it’s primroses blooming, trees budding or young spring seedlings growing in the mud–the growing season is here! We thought you might like a little peek at what’s going on in the gardens as we head into mid-March:


The peas we planted in mid-February are growing well now, sprouting up through the mud and leaves!


This is some Kale we started inside and transplanted out into the garden beds. It’s growing along side some Curly Cress we planted from seed.


The Bronze Fennel is up! While we do use the leaves and seeds from this plant, we grow it mostly for the honeybees as they absolutely love it when it is in bloom!


The Currant bush is all a-blossom. This is one of the earliest bloomers of our fruit trees and bushes.


The raspberry canes are waking up too!


Broccoli seedlings are getting acclimated in the wet garden after spending some time in the cold frame.


The Rhubarb is unfurling its stalks and leaves as well.


This is Golden Celery we started from seed indoors. After hardening off in the cold frame, we planted it under plastic a couple weeks ago and now it is doing great!


The garlic cloves we planted last October are taking off now that the mild spring weather is here.

It may not look like much, but after a cold, snowy, frigid winter, we are thrilled to see all the sprigs and leaves popping up all over the garden. We know that this cool, wet weather is just what plants like broccoli, cabbages, kale, and lettuces love.  Our main job now is to combat the slugs and snails and watch out for any hard freezes!


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