Summer Seedlings


Things are starting to thin out under the grow lamps. All we have left under there now are the peppers–sweet and hot; and the eggplant seedlings. The tomatoes have been moved out into the cold frames, since our days are now in the 50s and 60s and our nights are in the 40’s. We may still get some cooler nights, so we are watching things, but it is time for the tomato plants to get more acclimated to outdoor life. They are not ready to be outside in the garden. If the temperature looks to drop down below freezing, we will bring the plants back inside for the night. Years ago, Kori was told by a seasoned gardener that when the White Oak trees leaf out, that is the time to plant tomatoes out into the garden. Many folks wait too long to put out tomatoes–and then the fruits don’t have time to ripen. They generally need a good, long season. So, with some protection and attention, we should be ready to transplant them into the garden beds when the oak trees leaf!


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