Field Trip!


With temperatures in the mid-sixties and a dry, sunny day–it was high time the almost-three-week-old chicks had their first field trip into the great outdoors. They really do have to get used to the ground beneath their feet and all the sights and sounds of life in the backyard. For their first adventure, they only stayed out for about an hour. The biggest whiner was also the biggest chick–Sprocket seemed to have plenty to complain about and the chirping was loud and almost non-stop!  The other four were a bit more curious and probably would have had a much better time without Sprocket’s alarming cheep. If these chicks had been hatched under a mother hen, they would be outside almost from day one. The next day, they had a much longer adventure and there wasn’t a bit of complaining. They spent several hours scratching, running, leaping and exploring the great outdoors!


The big hens took minor notice, but our naughty cat, Toby, thought it quite entertaining to have some chicks to watch. The babes were well protected within the new coop, so all they could really do was get a good look at each other. There will be plenty more forays into the great outdoors as the days warm and the chicks grow–preparing them for life among the flock.



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