Sassy & Saucy



What can we say? It’s Spring…and things and critters start to get a little sassy around here. Squirrels are leaping from tree branches, bees are buzzing the opening blossoms, and our own critters are feeling their oats as well.  As we are spending more and more time outside in the yard and garden, we’ve been capturing some of those saucy behaviors!

The picture above finds our cat, Bad Toby, taking a little siesta in the hens’ nest box.  Teri had opened up the door on a sunny afternoon–after all the girls had finished laying for the day, to air things out and add some fresh nesting material.  Toby found it to be an irresistible invitation. He preferred the same nest box the girls have been favoring too!




As Teri likes to say, “there’s one in every crowd” when it comes to raising chicks–there is generally one chick who has the sticky bottom in the first few days and there is always one chick who starts the early perching and flying. In this batch, it is Blue Andy who finds her way to the highest spot in every location.



Not to be outdone, little Buffy, the New Hampshire Red, practiced climbing up the ramp and jumping off–with a mighty (for her) squawk!


Blue Andy’s feet are almost too big for balancing on the water fount–we wonder where she’ll fly up to perch next?


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