Just a Few More Tinies

Just a Few More Tinies

Teri has been eager to try raising some bantam chickens and we’ve debated whether to hatch some eggs, wait another year or…pick up a few. Guess which direction we chose? On a recent trip to the farm supply store to get new hanging waterers for our newly designed chicken coop (stay tuned for that story), Kori just couldn’t walk away from fresh bins of day-olds! These three nuggets (as we’ve taken to calling them) are an Ameraucana named Brownie, a teeny, tiny Welsummer bantam named Mini, and a we’re-not-sure-what-breed-yet bantam Teri named Daisy. Bantams generally are 1/4 to 1/5 the size of a standard chicken and weigh less than 2 pounds when full grown. They are considered ornamental chickens and they are not always the most prolific layers, but they do tend to go broody often and make great moms. These two bantams were not sexed so we have no idea if they’re going to be pullets or roos. The Ameraucana was Kori’s pick–she looked so adorable and was the only all-brown one in the bin! We’ve told ourselves this is it for this year, but we may have to avoid the farm and feed stores until chick days are over!


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