Zone 8 Update


Apple blossoms!

We’ve seen sun and we’ve seen rain…typical spring weather around here. The nights are still a bit cool, but we shouldn’t see any more frost now that we’re into April in our Zone 8 garden. We’ve planted out all the cool season crops and, since it has been so wet, we are in our customary battle with the slugs and the snails. We’ve also planted the potatoes and onions. We’ll be transplanting out the tomatoes we’ve grown from seed as they are outgrowing the cold frame and the weather is mild. Since they’ve been hardened off for a few weeks and they are going into a pre-heated (we cover it with plastic for a week or two) raised bed, they should be just fine. We’ll have covers at the ready in case we get an under-forty-degrees evening. Here’s a photo update of what’s going on around the garden…



The leaves on the grape vines are unfurling.




The strawberry plants are starting to blossom.



All three of our hops vines are up and growing. These come back stronger every year and this is our third year growing them.


The next month will be a busy one for us and the garden plants. We are embarking on the time of year when it seems everything grows inches every day! Between planting, weeding, mulching, and other garden chores, we have plenty to do!


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