The Nuggets


Brownie (and Ameraucana/Easter Egger), Tiny Minnie, and Daisy at just under two weeks old.


They are just so tiny, we started calling this last batch of babies, “nuggets” as they are, indeed, little chicken nuggets. If  you recall, the two smallest ones are Teri’s bantams and the larger of the three, is an Ameraucana/Easter Egger. Brownie, the largest one, tends to find herself playing surrogate mother since the two littler ones tuck themselves up under her belly and wings. She is not really a very big chick herself! This trio is rather mellow compared to the last fivesome, but watching those teeny tiny bantams flit around is delightfully fun. They have all learned to get up on the little roost in the brooder and look quite sweet when they are all lined up. They have a few more weeks indoors, although in another week or so, they will start taking field trips out into the sunny grass.


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