To the Sound of Her Own Drummer



When I went to lock up all the chickens tonight, I did my usual count–6 hens in the big hen house and then, when I peeked in the Teens’ dormitory, I spotted only four pairs of beady eyes and beaks looking up at me from the usual spot. Hmmm…glancing around, I saw Blue Andy perched high above the others on the highest perch, seemingly content to be on her own.

Blue Andy is a bit of a maverick and I’m not going to lie, I have a big ‘ole soft spot for this pullet. First of all, this is the first chicken to ever hatch here at Raggedy Hen Farm and that makes her a bit special. We heard her peeping away before she ever unzipped herself out of that white egg in the incubator. She was little and a bit kooky from the very beginning–going around pecking at the other chicks’ feet. Now, as the February Five are solidly in their third month, Blue Andy’s personality is really starting to show.

Blue Andy is a Blue Andalusian and this is our first chicken breed that is considered a Spanish or Mediterranean breed. She’s quite calm, but flighty. She’s one of the first to come and check us out, but she doesn’t want to be held or fussed over. She is the first of the teens to figure out how to climb up onto the edge of the henhouse, the doors, the roof, the apple tree, and the fig tree. Yup, she’s a climber! And, yet she looks rather unassuming perching up on the peaked roof. The other pullets were eager, of course, to follow suit, but no one manages the climbing with quite the ease of Blue Andy.

She’s absolutely stunning with her blue and grey feathers, outlined in a darker shade. She has a lanky, upright build with a pointy head–not at all like the plump, fluffy English breeds, or sturdy American sorts we’re used to. She has a tendency to “talk” but not too obnoxiously and, in all fairness, she just seems to be perfectly content marching to the sound of her own drummer.

All we know is we like this chicken!



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