Four Weeks Old and Counting


Mini, Brownie, and Daisy enjoy a few hours each day–weather permitting–romping in the grass. They still need protection around the outside and over the top of their little “play pen” to keep them safe!


The Nuggets, as we refer to the three youngest chicks here at Raggedy Hen Farm, are four weeks old. It’s sort of a funny, uneven four weeks old and since this is our first time with the bantams, we’re not sure how fast or slow they are supposed to be growing! We’re feeling pretty confident that Brownie, the Easter Egger we also got as a day-old at the same time as the bantams, is a pullet (female), but we sure don’t know about the other two!


Mini & Daisy-two little bantams!


Mini & Daisy are Teri’s two bantams and, let me tell you, that Mini is a tiny thing! We think Mini is likely a Welsummer bantam, Since all the bantams at the farm store were unsexed and sold as “mixed,” we get to practice our identification skills yet again as these chicks age. Daisy seems to be in no hurry to feather out and is still sporting a lot of baby fluff.  We are used to chicks being much more feathered by this age and her raggedy appearance reminds us a bit of Trudy, our Jersey Giant, who took a full 11 months to lay her first egg!



Hmmm…what breed of chicken is this?!


Daisy has an interesting upright build; a long neck and black and white coloring. We think Daisy might be a Mottled Cochin bantam, but we’re just not sure! One thing is for certain, this chick does not seem to be in any hurry to grow up. In some breeds, this can be a good indication of a cockerel as they tend to feather out slower in those breeds. We may just have to declare this year our year of the roo!



The little trio of nuggets practicing chicken things in the clover.


In the meantime, these chicks are ready for some outside time, but not large or feathered out enough to spend all day or a night outside. They get supervised play time where they can run and fly about, nibble at the clover and dandelion seed heads, and get a taste for the great outdoors!


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