Raggedy Hens & Rowdy Pullets


Life in the chicken coop is squawking along–we decided that the only way to achieve some temporary form of peace was to create the “walls of Jericho” between  nasty old hens and the teenagers. Occasionally, one of them manages to get from one side to the next, but overall, they are all perfectly content living next door in their age-defined clusters.

The teens are currently 13 1/2 weeks old and have about six weeks or so to go before we can expect to see any eggs from the four who are pullets. Sprocket, our temporarily resident cockerel is starting to behave quite rooster-y, but, since he hasn’t started crowing yet, we’re letting him stay. Truth be told, we have been enjoying having a strutting fine-feathered roo among the flock, for a change, and are not in any hurry to have to dispatch him. He is, so far, rather mellow, and the other four seem to appreciate having him around, so the longer we can avoid the inevitable, the better for all of us. Except for the old gals, of course, who find the whole lot of them to be a bit of a nuisance!



The teenagers scattered in their side of the run: Clockwise from top~ Sprocket, Blue Andy, Buffy, and Speckles/Jolene II.  They are about 2/3 the size of full-sized hens and have traded their baby peeps and cheeps for increasingly chicken-like clucks and chortles.



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