Broody Update


Hilda is all puffed and fluffed and her comb and wattle have faded a bit–a broody hen will instinctively make her feathers big and fluffy and, when a hen is not laying, her comb and wattle lose some of their bright redness.


Well…it hasn’t exactly been successful convincing our Buff Oprington, Hilda, to get un-broody.  She’s a stubborn one! After repeatedly removing her from the nest, putting her in with the teens, and even giving her a few dunks in a bucket of water, she’s still got the strong urge to set. Of course, there are no fertilized eggs for her to set on, but she doesn’t care. She just wants to brood!

After about a week and a half of trying all the other methods, we finally decided to remove her from the henhouse and run and keep her OUTSIDE–she now has roam of the yard and no access to the henhouses and nests. We are hoping the distraction of having all the glories of free range, will distract her and  get things back to normal. But a determined broody hen is not easily deterred.


Hilda comes beak to beak with the nuggets–Dudley is letting her know he’s in charge of this little trio.

Hilda is not straying too far from the other chickens and their home turf. While the others are envious of her being outside the run, she just wants to get back in and get up on that nest! After a day roaming the yard, we let her back in to the coop for the night to sleep in safety. We put two big ice packs in each nest box to make them less inviting but, alas, Hilda spent the entire night setting on an ice pack pillow!  We took her out again the next morning and after a little breakfast and wander, she decided to create a new nest…


Hilda’s decided this bale of straw in the wheelbarrow will work just fine for a makeshift nest. Never mind it is right out in the open and there are no eggs to be found!


Stay tuned!


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