Getting Ready?

Getting Ready?

This is our Rhode Island Red, Jolene 2 (formerly known as Speckles but, well, she’s not speckled!) At about 16 weeks, she’s started to develop a bigger, redder comb and wattles and this is one of the signs that a pullet is getting closer to that first egg! We are watching out for a few other tell tale signs: the cackling “egg song” sounds a hen makes when she lays eggs, and “squatting”–a pullet or hen will squat in a submissive hunched position at the approach of a dominant chicken (or person) when she reaches maturity. We’ve found that our pullets have started laying within 2 weeks of the first squat so we’re keeping an eye on things. Normally, pullets will start laying between 18 and 24 weeks…


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