Guess Who’s Laying?



Well, if truth be told, several of our gals are laying eggs almost daily, but a pullet’s first egg is always an exciting thing! As of two days ago, we’ve been finding little white eggs and this means that Blue Andy, the Blue Andalusian we hatched in the incubator this past February is the first layer of this year’s pullets. When we say “finding,” we literally mean that she has yet to figure out that the nest boxes are for laying and we’ve found these eggs–looking ever so much like little golf balls–scattered amidst the bedding in the coop! It’s as if that quirky, independent, and jumpy chicken just happened to drop it as she was walking by…




With gorgeous shades of blue-gray, to almost black, feathers and a bright red floppy single comb, Blue Andy is a striking chicken. She also marches to the beat of her own drummer and is a bit of a challenge to contain. We’ll just see how long it takes her to conform to putting her eggs where they belong!

Watch the video of Blue Andy’s hatching on our YouTube channel


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