Back at It!


Raggedy Hen Farm

Re-boot! We’ve been a bit negligent with our storytelling and adventure-sharing here at Raggedy Hen Farm in the past several months. While our urban farming efforts have grown, we’ve been reorganizing and recovering. As some of you know, we lost our 23 year-old daughter, Lillian, in a car accident in the late summer of last year and the day-to-day has consumed us. What energy we had left after the daily grind has gone into the realities of grieving and focusing on our family.

As we started to surface and realize how much we were missing our Raggedy Hen Farm friends, we also did a bit of reorganizing on our small business. We have scaled back on creating the soaps, teas, and other yummy products since, after Lilly’s death, the two of us had to put production, order processing and shipping on hold. Perhaps that will be a part of our doings in the future, but for now, we’d like to focus on sharing our adventures, recipes, tips, stumbles, and successes!


Our daughter, Lillian, helping with the bees! She was on her own journey with gardening and permaculture and was always interested in the great outdoors.

So, expect more recipes and tutorials; more discussions about the challenges and adventures of urban farming; and more updates We will also be sharing information and suggestions for where to find some of the ingredients and resources we like to use and we will disclose whenever we have an affiliated relationship with the sources so you will know when you are supporting us and the businesses we support.

Be sure to check out our Instagram page to follow along with us too:

Thank you so much for your interest and support…and stay tuned!








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