Almost Thanksgiving


The weather has turned suddenly cold and the blustery winds are blowing the remaining leaves off the trees here on Cedar Street. Even though we knew it was coming, it somehow seems a little early to be staring at the inevitable winter! Last night, we made our first hot buttered rum and toasted the coming holiday week; as far as we are concerned, the holiday season is upon us!

Up until a few days ago, we were still getting ripe tomatoes off a few of our heirloom tomato plants. Our recent bout of frosts, however, have caused the plants to fade for good. The chickens don’t mind as they are happy to eat the leaves, green tomatoes, and whatever they can rummage off the dying plants. Speaking of chickens, our girls are on the upside of molting, but with the days being so short, we are getting approximately 1-2 eggs a day only. They spend their days foraging around the garden, dust bathing in dry areas and soaking up what limited sun they can find.


Buffy, our New Hampshire Red, was one of the first to molt in early fall. She is almost back to full fluff, but is still on egg-laying hiatus for the season.


The most talkative of our current flock, Jo Jo, a Rhode Island Red had a very light molt and is looking as fine as ever.


Laverne is one of our youngest gals. She was one of the two hens we kept from the 8 chicks we hatched in the incubator last spring. She is an Ameraucana who lays light blue eggs.

As we prepare to host Thanksgiving here at our house this week, we are thrilled that a few of the offerings will come from right here at Raggedy Hen–we have a nice crop of Brussels sprouts still in the garden and we’ll be roasting a bunch for the big dinner. We also have still plenty of greens to make a nice fresh salad! Additionally, squash, potatoes, onions, and garlic are all waiting in the garage larder to be worked into the hearty traditional menu.

However you commemorate the end of the harvest and the coming of the winter, we wish you all the best from all us raggedy hens!




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