Four Weeks Old


Our six little chicklets are just approaching four weeks old. They are mostly feathered out, but still looking a little raggedy with a combination of first feathers, down, and bald patches. They are getting little combs and little tails, but are still living in the brooder in the garage. Yesterday was their first foray into the great outdoors!


It has been very wet and mild here in the Pacific Northwest. While the temperatures haven’t been too cold, the constant rain has made things muddy and wet and so the chicks have been kept dry and warm inside. Yesterday morning, with temperatures in the high 50’s and low 60’s, we decided we’ve give them all about a half hour of grass and yard time! As you may remember, it is only a few more weeks before they will be living outside full time, so we need to start the acclimation. Needless to say, they loved it!


They pecked the dirt, ate grass, and chased each other around peeping loudly. We stand watch when they are this age just to make sure they don’t get too stressed or cold, and no predators come swooping in or down to try a tasty baby morsel!

As the temperatures warm and the chicks become more fully feathered, there will be more and longer trips into the wilds of the back yard.


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